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March 17, 2011

0 Tim Tadder is a photographer whose imagery has been used in campaigns by brands such as Coke Zero, Gatorade, Powerade, Sears, Craftsman, Adidas, Bud Light, Budweiser, Miller Lite, Newcastle, AT&T, McDonald’s, Marlboro and Duracell.     His passion for photography began when he was very young, and was fostered by the time he spent living […]

FEATURED MEMBER – Sibel Engingok

February 21, 2011


    Coming from a family of artists, daughter of a painter and sister of a fashion designer, Sibel is currently in her second year studying French Literature but applying also for Photography and Video Department in University of Bilgi in Istanbul. At a young age, Sibel found herself tampering with an old camera, realizing her […]

FEATURED MEMBER – Aaron Feinberg

February 17, 2011


                    Aaron Feinberg is no stranger to seeing and capturing the beauty and natural movement of Life. What started as a ski-bum hobby of photographing friends in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah has developed into a world-class, award-winning fine art portfolio.   Ask Aaron how he ended up on Kauai and he’ll say […]


February 9, 2011


  Currently as a social anthropology PhD student at the University of Kent in UK, I aim to broaden up my capabilities of understanding on the infinitive variations of human behavior and its’ surroundings. I had always been fascinated by this tremendous cultural diversity and always looked forward to experience different worlds .I chose […]


February 6, 2011

0 Born in 1980, Emynassy is a self-taught Photographer currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. With an architectural background, has been spending most of his time traveling. His work is in the vein of documentary.    Q.  What does art mean to you?A.  Reality that is tangible. Q.  Do you have a favorite modern artist?A.  […]


January 29, 2011


               James started photography using a camera made by his mother when she worked for Canadian Kodak. While learning Australian as a boy he started taking pictures of his brothers with kangaroos and never looked back. Despite working & fighting his way through the living industrial archaeology of Northern Ireland ( its factories & […]

FEATURED MEMBER – Caleb Charland

January 2, 2011


                      Caleb Charland is an experimental photographer who captures everyday physical phenomena, that most people never think about, in a unique and inspiring way. Growing up in rural Maine, Caleb spent his childhood in a Do-It-Yourself-oriented household where his father would constantly ask for his help in remodelling the house. These experiences raised an […]