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Posted on March 20, 2011




Being the son of an IT professional, Töre’s interest into computers had started in a very early age. Starting with baby steps on Paint application, he took his drawing skills into a digital environment as a hobby. Strangely wishing to become a Molecular Biology and Genetics student, he ended up pursuing his dream moving into arts.

He is currently a student in Istanbul Bilgi University in the Visual Communication and Design department while still freelancing as a ‘problem solving character’ by offering his clients visual solutions/propositions to their issues.

Q.  What does Graphic Design mean to you?
A.  The main responsibility in Graphic Designs is the arrangement of the visual elements in media. Graphic designers can work in a variety of environments while having a large horizon of creativity and understatement of different perspectives of thinking.
In other word, your mother lied to you when she said, “even you can be an astronaut.” There is an important aspect that she forgot to mention, “talent.”

People who say that Graphic Design is for artists that can’t draw are skipping a small point. Our pen swinging skills may not be impressive but it is crucial to remember that we do live in a digital era, where technology made it possible for a graphic designer to accomplish anything via software that traditional paper drawings cannot express.

Q.  Are there any G&D artists you admire? Can you tell us why?
A.  When it comes to product and packaging design, Jonathan Ive and Agnete Enga are two graphic designers that I admire.
Other than that there are tons of people I try to follow and try to keep up with. I really cannot put one onto another. Each of them has their unique way of solving visual problems and expressing their way of thinking over different subjects.

Q.  Can you define ‘Illustration’ for us?
A.  I often use Illustration as a digital drawing, or a technical drawing. If you think about it, cavemen did the first illustrations, and since it has been our guideline in graphic design or any other branch of photographic thinking. Through computer games and comic industry growth, illustrations have become more valuable as famous and profitable art works acquire a wider market than static graphic designers.

Q.  What were your subjects on the most important project you had done until today?
A.  The most important project that I have been a part of so far in my professional experience was the Web Portal project created for one of the most recognized healthcare magazines for Men and Women; the MensHealth and the WomensHealth.

I have actively worked as a part of the Creative team for the layout design and the database work. The project was based on implementing the magazine itself into the actual website so that people could actually read and comment or even communicate their health problems and their solutions with others.
The project was successful and it made us win a Web Portal Award, which boosted our name and prestige in the market.

Q.  What were your inspirations?
A.  My everyday life and my mood change, even other people’s emotions can inspire me. I try to read and learn as much as I can about designing. I listen to a lot of music. It is almost on every single second of my life. I can very easily find inspiration in lyrics or melodies of songs. I also follow blogs because I care about people a lot; they are the light, a spark towards what I imagine to create.

Q.  What are the subjects you chose for your latest works?
A.  Lately, I am amazed by the Swiss and Minimalist design waves.
The last couple of my works were usually based on dates and etc. My latest work was related to my beloved girlfriend’s birthday, my birthday and my family status.

Q.  Is there a story behind your works?
A.  It all depends on my mood.  When I am set to create something, I personally try to think of every single perspective about the project / draft or the work I am doing to be able to bring out different stories out of it.

Q.  Can you talk about any professional experience?
A.  I worked in Turkey’s first fully geared Internet Agency called Hiperaktif DotCom for two and a half years. The company was called Mavi İletişim Grubu (Mavi Communication Group) and had many branches of different types of communication ways and through this, I also learned and took part in the support of the printed media side of the agency.
Q.  Do you have a favorite piece among your works?
A.  That changes a lot. The work I just finish that fully satisfies me could become my favorite piece among all others, but after sometime I may as well look back upon my older works and claim something else as my favorite instead. Really it depends on my mood.

Q.  What equipment & techniques do you use?
A.  I do not publish my traditional drawing art or whatsoever on online, I just keep my work in digital format mostly. I use the basic drawing softwares and tools to create a piece and sometimes I combine it with some coding techniques and/or dimensional designs.

Q.  Are you working on new projects currently?
A.  Not really. Since I’m pretty much preoccupied with my education lately, I’m basically freelancing.

Q.  What are your professional ambitions and your projects for 2011?
A.  Right now, there are no predetermined projects on my schedule, but I got an offer from one of the top quality textile firms to design a sub-corporate ID for them. We’ll see how that goes. I will probably start looking for a certificate program or an MA education place to go on Industrial Design.

Q.  How do you hope Pelime can help with this?
A.  Well to be honest, I see Pelime as an exclusive community unlike the other work sharing networks. It makes me feel as if I was selected to become a member here. I really find this feeling unique and it gives me strength to be able to stay in touch with other designers. It is an opportunity for me to work with “People Like Me”.


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