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Fran Recacha was born in Barcelona, in September the 27, in 1976. He was granted a Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and has been painting professionally ever since.

Q.  Can you explain what triggered your interest to painting?
A.  A friend’s father is a painter and I remember visiting his studio a lot… I remember the particular smell and those big canvases. I think that could be the trigger of my interest for painting. Later on, I decided to study Art and started for the first time painting for my studies at the University of Arts in Barcelona. After my graduation in 2001, I prepared for exhibitions, realizing that it is not easy to become the artist you want to become without strong contacts, and ever since I am searching for new galleries and interesting places to showcase my work. 

Q.  Are there any particular artists you admire?
A.  A lot of them! I believe that when someone is interested in learning, getting the necessary education on something, it is better to look for the best artists in that field. I would say that the best artist for me is Michelangelo, with his great creative ability and the strength of his works. Some other masters that I admire are Velazquez, Bouguereau, Goya, Caravaggio, Edward Burne Jones, Frederic Leighton, Diego Rivera, Otto Dix, Paula Rego, Klimt, Lempicka, Delacroix, Picasso, Norman Rockwell, William Blake, the sculptor Pablo Gargallo… There are lots of them!

Q.  Your Mythological Paintings are very distinctive. Is there a story behind these works of yours?

A.  Yes, of course. I try to respect the original myth while trying to express it through my own vision. I think it might be one of the greatest ways to renew/ remind/ remember mythological stories. The past can explain a lot of important things that we often seem to be forgetting.  

Q.  Can you explain your interest for Mythological characters?
A.  Mythology and myths tell us about beings that were strongly worshiped by men in the far past. These characters are seen as Gods of extraordinary virtues but with the typical defects of humans; capricious, jealous, egotist, and capable of the best and the worst. I believe that Myths explain the human condition using an individual poetry way and this is the main reason of my fascination.  

Q.  How do you choose your graphic designs & illustrations characters?
A.  I do not have a strong career as an illustrator… Sometimes I receive some propositions where I mostly use my drawing skills to make illustration works, but I am a painter with a painter’s mentality, paper and pencil drawings therefore I do not make my own illustrations. I created different fantasy characters, illustrations for children’s books or narrative books. I also had done some work for a design studio in Barcelona in the past. I am always open to different illustration propositions. 

Q.  What do you consider to be your greatest achievements?
A.  Painting as a Living!
I don’t really know… Every exhibition is important for me, and every painting that was sold is considered to be a success for me. My greatest success is when someone actually pays the price for a painting of mine; it is in that moment that I understand and see how people react to my works and appreciate my style. I can only continue painting as long as there is demand. 

Q.  What were your inspirations when you first started? And now?
A.  My first intention was to learn how to draw a correct human figure. My first works were compositions with different musicians. I believe that it is a good way to learn how to draw and then paint human body parts and a variety of positions the human body can take. I had to work a lot on hands and feet! Now I am very interested in Greek Mythology, on how to rescue these themes and express them in a modern and personal way but always with respect to the original text.  

Q.  What is it that you are looking for in your subjects?
A.  I chose my subjects when I find something in them or when they remind me of some situations or some people I know. Otherwise I simply choose them because I like their story reminding me of historical moments. Then I have images coming to my mind that push me to draw. 

Q.  Can you talk about any professional experience? Exhibitions?
A.  That’s hard work! Every exhibition is the ideal moment for me to show my paintings. It is the right time when you have a clear view of your work and its evolution. It is very hard to be approached by galleries…Today I am a painter for ten years, any gallery can offer me continuity for exhibitions… But I don’t know what the problem is, because I receive nice comments from people of all around the world everyday through platforms such as Facebook, Behance, Saatchi, or even e-mails… And most importantly, I am gaining enough money that makes it possible for me to continue painting.

I have works in some galleries around the world such “Art du Temps” in France, “Mishin Fine Arts” in San Francisco, “A Gallery” in London, “Val i 30” in Valencia, “Montcada” in Barcelona, or “Dasto” in Oviedo.

My only solo exhibitions were in Andorra at “Pilar Riberaygua”, “Dasto”,”Val i 30”, and “Kalós” in Barcelona.  The galleries think that it is quite hard to sell my works, but my own experience tells me that this is a bad opinion, because it has been ten years that I have been living this way out of my works without having real strong contacts.  

Q.  Have you ever collaborated with other artists? Can you talk about your experience?
A.  Yes, I have. In 2003, I received an invitation to work in a team with Carmen Giraldez that had the first award of sculpture from “Pedro Ferrándiz foundation”. It was about creating a good real size sculpture of a basketball player. 

Q.  What techniques and materials do you prefer to use?
A.  I usually work with oil on canvas. It is a good and ideal technique for me; it allows me to create detailed and complex paintings.  But I also like acrylics. And drawing! To me it is the principal tool and the first step to take in order to build basics and draw with other complex techniques.
Paper and pencil: the ABC of Art. 

Q.  Are you working on new projects currently?
A.  I am currently working on new paintings. Normally, when I work on a canvas, I have bursts of new ideas that end up in new creations. My mind never stops, and I hope that this will continue like this forever! 

Q.  What are your professional ambitions for 2011?
A.  I want to be able to showcase my Mythological series in solo exhibitions.
I think I have a good collection of canvases ready to be hanged on walls of galleries…
I am open to any other interesting propositions such as illustrations, or any other creative activities. 

Q.  How do you hope Pelime can help with this?
A.  I hope Pelime becomes a great and effective tool that will allow me to showcase my work to the world. Internet is becoming an everyday tool for us, and it is more important to use it in the benefit of the creative people. These kinds of portals are ideal for artists that might get in contact with other interesting people that might offer great opportunities.


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