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Burak Beceren is a twenty six years old graphic designer and illustrator from istanbul. Currently studying at Bilgi University’s Visual Communication Design department, he has been awarded a full scholarship.


He has gained much notoriety from Bant magazine, which featured many of his illustrations between August 2007 and September 2009. Some personal works of his have also been displayed widely at many local exhibitions.


Having been featured in a wide spread of newspapers & magazines his work was also been displayed and widely discussed in many design blogs globally throughout 2010.


Concurrently, he has continued working with various advertising agencies in Istanbul and now he works as a freelance designer/illustrator.

He was also a semifinalist of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards in 2010.


Q.  Can you define ‘art’ in your own way?
A.  I believe I cannot really give the definition of Art except that to me it is a way of expressing what we cannot speak out.

Q.  Can you tell us about the artists you admire? Are there specific reasons?
A.  Nowadays, I’m following Rebecca Tillett. Her great graphical attitude in her photographs inspires me. Another artist that I also follow is Lyndon Wade for the exact same reason and his fictional series are just impressive.

Q.  Can you explain what is it that you exactly do?

A.  I wish I could answer to this question with a sentence such as “I sell the dream” but I’m just an illustrator/designer. I’ve been also trying to get into animation throughout the last two years. I guess that my animation projects will be good and ready in the near future.

Q.  Graphic design and Illustrations: What were your subjects when you first started out?
A.  Many things inspire me.
First, I was collecting notes on every detail that I could find about graphic designs and illustrations. Often, inspiration or even an idea comes from a title of a song or a movie-opening scene. I still take notes about every small detail that basically caught my attention.

Q.  Can you define ‘Motion Graphics’ for us?
A.  Motion Graphics is a medium enabling you to visualize your fictional character dancing with MJ’s thriller for example.

Q.  You have been working on abstract projects as much as ‘non-abstract’ ones. Can you explain these choices and their differences?
A.  Sometimes the message I want to transfer has to be clear for everyone and in this case non-abstract characters seem like a better choice. But abstraction makes every possibility unlimited and often becomes a challenge between you and yourself. That’s the difference.

Q.  What are your inspirations now?
A.  Short stories are the main inspirations for me.

Q.  What are the subjects you chose for your latest works?
A.  Science fiction, zombies, fairy tales and retro heavy metal songs

Q.  Is there a story behind your works?
A.  Most of them have a story that was build from various pieces of other stories. I can say though that there is no single story that contains them all.

Q.  Can you talk about any exhibition experience?
A.  I attended in 5 different groups in various exhibitions.
I know exhibitions are important because they allow you to share your work, and meet the people who like your work and vice-versa. But every online gallery offers this ‘opportunity’ now, and number wise there are much adherents connected globally. Exhibitions are just interactive events in nowadays, nothing more. But I have to say that I still love the idea.

Q.  Can you state a favorite work of yours and why?
A.  My favorite work is known as “the dream that became a nightmare”. It is a short animation movie about Sulukule, an ancient little town in Istanbul. Unfortunately, it has been collapsing, the municipality’s orders; people who live there have been forced to move out since 2005.
The main reason why I did this animation is to show the reality of this small town so that no one would forget about its story.

Q.  Could you tell us more about your creative process?
A.  Honestly, the only process is deadline. I call it “deadly deadline” because I often start my work just one day before the last day of the deadline. It is an unhealthy process I know and this situation makes me stressful. But it works frequently.

Q.  What equipment & techniques do you use?
A.  I usually use vector graphics programs such as Adobe illustrator in the first place, and then I add some make up details in Photoshop. If it is an animation, there is a possibility of adding effects later on or flash at the end. Additionally, I often use board markers and permanent pens for my traditional work on paper.

Q.  What is the motivation behind your choice of material?
A.  I don’t even know the answer of this question

Q.  Which work of yours would you define as one of your strongest?
A.  I have a common answer for that;  “the work that I haven’t done yet”
Q.  Are you working on new projects currently?
A.  There are two new short animation projects that I am currently working on, which are practically ready. I’m looking forward to share them with the world.

Q.  What are your professional ambitions and your projects for 2011?
A.  I would like to become a great designer. And if I have enough time, I would like to join competitions in 2011 because I like to be challenged.

Q.  How do you hope Pelime can help with this?
A.  Pelime is a well-designed creative network, which I would like to be ‘associated’ with. I believe people should become members of these kinds of networks because it allows you to get in touch directly, and connect with right people in the right place. it provides you opportunities for personal career.


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