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Born in 1980, Emynassy is a self-taught Photographer currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. With an architectural background, has been spending most of his time traveling. His work is in the vein of documentary.


Q.  What does art mean to you?
A.  Reality that is tangible.

Q.  Do you have a favorite modern artist?
A.  Surprisingly Miroslav Tichy is my favorite artist.

Q.  Who are the artists you admire and why?
A.  Philip Jones Griffiths for his commitment.
    Stanley Greene for his willingness.
    Saul Leiter for his discretion.
    Guy Bourdin for his colorful dramas staging.

Q.  Can you talk about your journalistic experience?
A.  Actually I can’t say I had a journalistic experience. I never had to do something for any magazine until now. My work has never been published yet in that way. But I was in Yangon, Myanmar, a few days before the elections and the release of Aung San suu kyi, to photograph the street life during that time. I was impressed by the fact that people were strong enough to keep smiling most of the time. News described by poetry, doesn’t she make information a piece of art?

Q.  What does photography mean to you?
A.  Photography to me is a Poem in its own reality. Photographs are the same as a wall of fame, reminding life as it is because writing with light is reading between lines.

Q.  When and what was your first exhibition about?
A.  It was in 2005 I guess and it took place in a friendly café in Bordeaux, ”Le St. Christophe”. A few photographs from Morocco and England about music, friendship and places through which we passed. It just reminds me the good times.

Q.  Can you talk about the biggest challenges you faced?
A.  Right now actually! There are thousands of talented Photographers and great Storytellers. We must accept that it takes time to have our work recognized. It’s a lifetime work. If your biggest goal is to do what you love to do, everything will be fine. Happiness is a hidden smile.

Q.  Do you have a favorite piece among your works? Can you explain why?
A.  “La Marelle” is a photograph I took in Paris in 2008.
“If you could say that in words there would be no reason to paint” E.Hopper

Q.  What were your subjects when you first started out?
A.  I chose mostly women, friends and trees.

Q.  Could you tell us a bit more about your creative process?
A.  Well, intuition. There is something emboldening about being traipsed through a postcard when your first realize that there is no such thing as magic. Even if it’s far from what you know, wordlessly voices become unconfined. Wars, streets, you never now what or who is calling you. Photography is the only magical thing that can make from an image in your mind a stop motion movie.

Q.  What equipment do you use and why?
A.  I use an Olympus XA for its discretion and its quality with ease and a Nikon FE2 loaded with Black & White, my oldest camera. I rarely use flash. I love cameras that fit my jacket’s pocket.

Q.  What techniques do you use to obtain the piece you want?
A.  I usually walk all day. There is no secret but I will use my joker.

Q.  What is the motivation behind your choice of material?
A.  ‘Understand and grasp the hidden meaning’

Q.  Can you talk about one of your strongest work?
A.  There is a story that just happened here. It’s like thinking “I’ve already lost you when I met you”. Trying to slow down and feel an emotion longer. You hate that or you love that. Strong enough.

Q.  Can you talk about the experience of being in Istanbul?
A.  Diffuse as a drop of ink on the breast, the soul of Istanbul for evermore, is distilled into melancholy and widespread in the air as a cloud of coal. It is a disjointed city. A place always in between where time is matched only by confusion. Time is the story behind it.
Confusion inspires me. I used to live in Paris where I started unconsciously the project “Poetic Realism”. Today Istanbul is the right place for my mood. “Unutma” (Do Not Forget) is a masterpiece from that vein.

Q.  Are you working on new projects currently?
A.  I’m still working on “Poetic Realism” everywhere and at anytime. Organizing thousands of films that I carry for years. Additionally, I will be shooting some fashion designs in Istanbul soon. I am also thinking deeply of going ‘inside’ the Middle East. We live in daily lives theatre and there is always a story to tell about it.

Q.  What are your professional ambitions and your projects for 2011?
A.  For now I’m looking for a publisher to continue and edit my first book project about Istanbul called “Unutma”. And even if it’s hard, I really would like to work for international press / agencies and magazines as a correspondent or a commissioner. I’m frequently moving, but I always need to be focused in the same time.

Q.  How do you hope Pelime can help with this?
A.  “People like me”. I believe it’s true for Pelime to make someone feel that there is a great opened window to work on it. But this is not only about me, and it is important to remember that obviousness leads to wandering. I believe it’s all about sharing the work that we do with guts and love.

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