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Peter Lin is a graphic designer and the founder of creative agency 2xanadu , whose clients have included Jimmy Choo, Couture, Focus Bike, LUMA, Digital Arts, Tamburlaine Fashion, China Fashion Foundation, Eleven777, United Business Media, Miss Top Model UK, UK Shotgun Mix, T.O.A.M. and Yami.


In collaboration with McFaul Studio and LUMA Sport, 2xanadu launched Bespoke:, a series of events geared towards giving designers an opportunity to experiment and get a start in the industry. The success of this venture led to the permanent establishment of LUMA Bespoke:, a partnership aimed at encouragement designers to innovate in creating bikes for LUMA.


Q.  Does 2xanadu have a particular philosophy?
A.  “Never Give Up” is the fundamental philosophy of 2xanadu; everyone that works at 2xanadu needs to have this spirit. We are a small team that think in a big way, and we have to face different challenges everyday.  Therefore, it is extremely important to possess the spirit of never give up; like with a cycling race, once you start, you can never stop.

Q.  Where do you start with a new project? Where does your initial inspiration come from?
A.  To be honest, there is no particular way for me to start a project. Being creative has already become my lifestyle, I focus on every detail in my everyday life, even when I am not at work. Every single thing that happens around me could be my inspiration for any projects.

Q.  How did your work with bikes come about?
A.  The idea came up when I first worked with LUMA after I established 2xanadu in 2009.  I was given a job to create a design on an non-traditional media object  – a bike. Since then, I have begun to think and talk to designers and my clients about the idea of creating a platform, and to share the joy of designing on non-traditional media. In 2010, I founded the brainchild, Bespoke: Creative, which offers opportunities for designers to design on non-traditional media. I believe every designer needs a playground to play with their creativity, and to fulfill their dreams.  So, I hope Bespoke: Creative is the playground that everyone has been looking for. It is an idea to link up the creative industry with other potential industries to have some fun together.  Through the joys in our playground, Bespoke: Creative would love to prove to everyone that we could make your world of fantasy become real.


Q.  The Bespoke: Creative shows have been a huge success. Can you tell us more about them?
A.  Firstly,  I am very glad that we had Tiger beer, a strong supporter of art initiatives, sponsoring the Bespoke: Creative show, and the support from Jimmy Choo OBE and Lord Brian Davidson. The Bespoke: Creative show was a success, it exhibited a selection of Luma International’s fixed gear bike frames adorned with graphics by ten of the world’s leading and up-and-coming creative designers in the industry, including myself, John McFaul, Vault 49, Ademas Batista, Ollie Munden, Ben Thomas, Jasper Wong, Ben Qwek, Aaron De La Cruz and Ria Dastidar. Also, two lucky winners, Daniell Hunt and Yvonne Tang, were chosen and their designs exhibited in the show alongside the amazing designs by 2xanadu’s handpicked creative designers.


Q.  What advice would you give to aspiring designers?
A.  You have to love what you do; then you will be able to design something good. Design with your heart! You also have to see things carefully, and keep learning.  You have to keep thinking every day, and cannot stop thinking.  Spend more time at it and work hard!

Q.  What’s your favourite project to have worked on and why?
A.  Working with LUMA as their creative team and design graphics on their products is my favorite project.  The idea of LUMA is to combine art and cycling together. As I said, you have to love what you do and you will be able to design something good, so the concept of merging the loves of my life, art and cycling, into one project is just so exciting!

Q.  Which project has proven the most difficult and why?
A.  The most difficult project for me was the Bespoke: Creative show. When I created Bespoke: Creative, 2xanadu was still new in the industry, and many companies doubted the ability of our team. I remember that we approached one of the media companies for a news feature on the Bespoke: Creative show, but they judged our competence and rejected us. Although we have faced so many challenges during this project, such as the tight schedule of preparation for the show, our ‘never give up’ spirit encouraged us to make everything happen in just six months.  I believe our success this time could prove to the industry that we are a young small team but we obviously can make things happen.

Q.  What are your plans for the coming year?
A.  Our team has become stronger not only because of the success of Bespoke: Creative show, but also with John McFaul, the legend in the creative design world, and Chris Malbon joining 2xanadu. In this year, 2xanadu is going to step into the Chinese market and work with some of the high profile companies in China.  Furthermore, we are also intending to bring Bespoke: Creative into Asia.

Q.  How do you hope Pelime can help with this?
A.  Pelime is a great network for creative designers, and it has got everything to inspire designers. Pelime has got different sorts of media and members features to keep my eyes on different industries. So, it helps me to improve my standards!


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