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Ivan Chua is an independent art director/designer with over a decade of experience working in the field of commercial advertising, broadcast design, video installation and interactive media.
He has been involved in a wide variety of projects working with international broadcasters and agencies on brands such as Adidas, Converse, Philips, AXN, Discovery, Hallmark, Nickelodeon, SyFy, etc.

He has worked with clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, USA and Morocco making every effort to understand the needs of clients and audiences to implement effective solutions and following through the creative process from start to finish.
In addition to running the studio, Ivan is an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic, where he is helping to guide and mentor the future generations of artist and designers.


Q.  What first motivated you to get into film and television work?
A.  I came into this field from the technical side of things. When I was doing an engineering course at a polytechnic back in the 90s, I discovered web design and worked on building websites for clients. All along I thought I’d be a web designer until I found after-effects at  university and thought it was really cool to see my design in motion. After I graduated I chose a lower paying job in a post house and I’ve never looked back.

Q.  You’ve worked on projects in the US, Morocco, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Indonesia. What are the challenges of working in such a variety of environments?
A.  Trying to understand what appeals to the local audience. I try my best to research the local arts and culture whenever I can to infuse it subtly into my design.


Q.  Your ‘Year of the Monkey’ feature for Animal Planet was awarded a Promax Silver award, a Promax Gold award, a BDA Gold award and a New York Festivals Silver World Medal. Can you tell us more about it?
A.  The client’s idea was to use the Chinese zodiacs and it happened to be the year of monkey. I felt it was interesting to combine live footage of monkeys with ink painting. The client was happy with the end result and submitted it for various awards, of which it won a few.

Q.  Your work encompasses film-making, graphic design, interactive media and animation. What would you consider your specialty?
A.  I’m a generalist and love to work on different mediums so I don’t get bored. I enjoy the process more than the final product. There is just so much to learn, and so little time.

Q.  Is your approach different for these different media, or do you bring the same philosophy to all your work?
A.  My approach is try to understand what the client really wants and utilise my skills to create a piece of work that meets the brief and is beautiful at the same time.

Q.  What sort of equipment do you like to use?
A.  I can’t live without Adobe Creative Suites. It just makes my life easier.

Q.  What is your favourite project to have worked on?
A.  My favourite projects are those that I’ve learnt something new from, be it technique or process.

Q.  Which project has been the most difficult?
A.  Must be Vip Access. I did around 6 to 8 styleframes over a period of 2 to 3 weeks before the client bought the idea.

Q.  You give lectures at Nanyang Polytechnic. What are your impressions of the next generation of designers?
A.  They’re technically proficient and widely exposed by the internet.

Q.  What do you hope to achieve in 2011?
A.  I hope to do more interesting work both home and abroad.

Q.  How do you hope Pelime can help with this?
A.  Maybe like-minded creatives who have read this would be interested to collaborate on projects or share knowledge.

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