Posted on November 25, 2010


As is tradition on Thanksgiving, we at Pelime thought we would take this opportunity to highlight a few things we’re thankful for. In particular, all those who have helped us to get the project where it is today. The progress of the last nine months wouldn’t have been possible without your continued support and we hope you’ll continue to engage with one another and the platform as we move into our next phases of development.

Thanks to all the staff and artists we work with
It has been interesting to see and experience the sheer diversity of the membership that has grown to date. We are thrilled to be building this platform for those that we have reach out to and those that have sought us out.  Our job is to help amplify and highlight your already immense talents across the network.

Our Developers
Katana Limited, who have provided continued support and helped us through the toughest of times ironing out even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant bugs in the system, despite their ridiculously busy schedule.

Our Interns
Who (almost all) show up everyday with nary a financial reward to build site engagement, seek out the best content possible and who have often livened up the office environment!

Our Advisory
Without whose skilled professional critique we couldn’t continue to improve the platform.

Rackspace Hosting
Who have provided unparalleled support, not to mention dealt with many hours of panicked and frustrated phone calls and emails!

You, Our Members
Whose enthusiasm over the project has been unprecedented and whose work continues to inspire us. Keep it up… there’s still a long way to go!

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