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Pomme Chan was born and educated in Bangkok. 

In 2002 she relocated to the UK and her first forays into professional freelancing led her straight into London’s lifestyle magazine industry as an art director and illustrator. 

Pomme draws inspirtaion from nature, fashion, architecture music and the female form.  Recently she has also begun exploring freehand typographical illustrations, several of which appeared in La Perla Magazine, New York magazine and Cambridge School of Art and Design amongst numerous others.

Over the past four years, her drawings have featured in the Telegraph, IDN, Grafik, Curvy Book and FT magazines and she has worked on prestigious ad campaigns for the likes of Sony, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Marc Jacobs, Microsoft, Nike and Topshop.

Q.  Has being an art director/illustrator always been your plan? How did it come about?

A.  When I was kids I dreamed to be a Doctor, then when I was teens I wanted to be Interior Design and when I moved to London I wanted to be Illustrator. It’s take a while to find your true self and eventually I found it. There are still a lot of things I want to do, I don’t think in one life you can have only one career so I’m pretty sure in 10 years I will do something else, something still related to Art though.

Q.  You take inspiration from the female form to create your drawings. How is that? Why not the male form?

A.  I have a thing in fashion, I’m obsessed with nice photograph of ladies, their clothes and shoes.  The image of men doesn’t do the same for me. 

Q.  Do you draw inspiration from Thai culture?  How close are you to your roots?

A.  Strangely I don’t draw when I”m in Thailand, I just couldn’t do it over there. I believed we do get inspired by environment, social, culture and since I am in London , everything here more inspire me. It’s shame to say I’m quite far from my roots in term of my Drawing but my heart and I am still Thai.

Q.  There is something magic and surreal about your work.  Do you feel the need to escape to the fantastic in order to create?

A.  I usually have some weird imagination so I use my drawing as escape door. If I be honest here, with my skills, I have limited things I can draw and I can’t. But I’m still improving, It’s good to always try something new.

Q.  You do typography and illustration.  In which of this two fields you feel the most comfortable in and why?

A.  It’s really depends on mood and feel I have at that moment. I am equally happy to do both. You can’t love your own child one more than another. Typography still new to me, I just started couple years ago so I’m still very much enjoy it and there’s a lot of room for new technique to play with.

Q.  Do you have any role models?

A.  Not anyone particular but personally, it’s my mom. But there are the artists that inspired me, usually they are friends whom I admired their work too eg, Sean freeman, Craig Ward, HelloVon, Emily Forgot, Erin Petson.

Q.  Is there a project you are dreaming to achieve?

A.  I always want to do Book Cover!! I guess because I love reading Fiction book and hope that one day I will see cover on the shelf. 

Q.  What are you currently working on?A.  I just finish a few Snow Board and Ski Board. Right now I have Wall Painting to do at D&AD awards after party and a few commercial commission works from Germany, A cover for WallPaper magazine in Thailand and a few bits that still remain secret right now.

Q.  What are your plans for the rest of 2010?  How do you think Pelime might help facilitate these?

A.  2010 is officially my Travel year (I’ve been to Japan, New York, Paris in the past few months and next week I’m going to Thailand)  aiming to do less commercial works, more personal works / Exhibition. I want collaborate with Fashion photographer and 3D / Animator. You can’t be best at everything. Also next year I have a plan to do Scarf shop online so now it’s preparing process while traveling too.Pelime is a great source for inspire, a lot of talented people here and I love the fact that you have all medias of works not only illustration. Love the sleek cool interface of your site too.

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