FEATURED MEMBER – Ferdinand Sarnitz

Posted on March 5, 2010




Ferdinand Sarnitz (a.k.a. Left Boy) is an up-coming singer/songwriter based in Vienna.  

He has just gotten his first radio-play in Hongkong and is gaining popularity in Europe via the web.  Ferdinand has always had an interest in music and as the son of a prominent Austrian artist André Heller and photographer Sabina Sarnitz, one can say that creativity is in the blood. 

As a kid he turned his sights to DJing and during high school he started a band with a friend.  When his friend moved to the US, he was left alone, hence the name “Left Boy”.  After school, Ferdinand followed suit and spent a year in New York studying audio engineering.  

Since, age 16 he has been composing alternative hip-hop in English.  His style is unique in that he creates songs that are mixes of different genres (jazz, classical, electro etc) overlaid with fresh beats/rap.  Left Boy is certainly one to keep an eye on!

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