FEATURED MEMBER – Jean-Jaques Cesbron

Posted on January 26, 2010


[JJC at  SPiN, New York – www.spinyc.com, where he is a partner.]


Jean-Jacques Cesbron is the one of the most highly acclaimed music managers in the business. As President of Columbia Artists Music (CAMI Music) in New York City, Jean-Jacques manages a wide range of talent, including Chinese superstar pianist LANG LANG, world-renowned film composers HOWARD SHORE and TAN DUN, and the illustrious AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE. 

Q. How did you get into the music business? 

A.  One often falls into an opportunity by coincidence and attraction. My life in the artistic world began by standing backstage as much as possible and learning everything about stagecraft. From there, management was the next logistic step for me.

Q. With so many different types of clients ranging from film composers to orchestras, how does your approach in representing them differ? 

A.  In the world of media today, there is no one area of performance or art. A manager must be on the cutting edge of opportunity. Having a dynamic range of clients gives the manager a chance to live inside many different worlds, which helps artists who wants to grow outside of their basic medium.

Q. What are the main challenges in your type of work? 

A.  The main challenge in the music world is to always think about what is best for the artist. You must take out ego, and help the person or group you believe in to the fullest extent.

Q. What’s your take on the recent technological changes within the Music industry?  Where do you go from here?

A.  These changes are very exiting. They give a broader platform for artists and media to work with. No one knows where these changes will take us, but music is strong and music will never cease. How fast a manager can adjust to changes is the greatest indicator of where the industry will go.

Q.  Your clients are world famous and very well established, but how much of what you do revolved around scoping out new and upcoming talent?

A.  One must never stop looking for the right person who has talent, discipline and intelligence. The more people there are in the world, the less of these important qualities we find…

Q.  What do you hope to achieve in 2010 and how do you feel Pelime might help facilitate this?

A.  Anything that could bring the world closer together would be the highest goal. Pelime’s concept could evolve into a great tool for any top manager or agent from all genres and countries.

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