FEATURED MEMBER – Romain Gaillard

Posted on January 14, 2010



Romain Gaillard was born in Paris, France. After an MBA at EDHEC Business School and a Master at LSE, he started working between San Francisco and in Toronto.  After several Years in high tech, he started his incubator and participated in many ventures in Web Advertising, Social Networks and Web Applications.   

In 2008, he cofounded Odacite in Los Angeles with Valerie Grandury and their first collection launch was an immediate success. He is now working on launching the brand in Europe.

Odacite is a Californian Skincare Brand.  It is the freshest you will find in the market.

What sets Odacite apart from all others in the cosmetic industry is a revolutionary new preparation, enabling delivery directly to your door of the freshest organic skin care products available.  This is the key to effectiveness as with time ingredients lose their antioxidants and vitamins.

Their products are freshly made for each and every individual, thus Odacite cannot be found in stores.  The line is stamped with the manufacturing date (no one else does this) and immediately shipped to you, guarantying each ingredient remains 100% active. 

Odacite offers fresh organic blends that only include ingredients vital to your skin needs. No Paraben, no Fragrance, no Harmful Preservatives, no Toxicity (“Efficiency without any toxicity”).

Q.  What is the story behind Odacite?

A.  I cofounded Odacité with Valérie Grandury after 6 years in California. 

It all started in 2004 when Valerie found out about the toxicity of the cosmetics. As she couldn’t find any skincare good enough for her, she decided to make her own with ultra-fresh ingredients. 

In 2008, she told me about her idea and we decided to start the company together. This is how Odacité was born.

Q.  Why exactly should Skincare products be Fresh?

A.  When you buy a regular product it has been produced 2 years before on average.

Freshness is the only way to be efficient with zero toxicity. It is scientifically proven that one third of the efficiency of anti-oxidants will have disappeared in 6 months.  This is why freshness is key to efficiency.  We will never use toxic ingredients in our products. 

No Parabens, No Fragrance, No Harmful Preservatives, No Toxicity. According to the academy of Dermatology, the two main sources of skin irritation are due to Fragrance and preservatives.

Q.  What does the future hold for Odacite?

A.  Odacite is a promising start-up, we have been lucky so far, our customers are really happy and we are getting tremendous press.

As we are based in Los Angeles we are thinking about opening a store over there.  We have an office in Paris now and we are selling in many other countries. 

We are also thinking about having an office in Tokyo.

Q.  Where can one buy Odacite?

A.  You can buy Odacite products online from anywhere in the World. 

We will deliver to your door.

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